Sustainable oceans?

Can oceans be managed sustainably? I’ve written here about the importance of managing fish stocks and about the challenge of ocean acidification. I’ve written about the potential of aquaculture.

Maybe we don’t have to give up fishing the oceans. Eivind Burkow at The Coastal House says that the Celtic Sea (between South Wales and the Republic of Ireland) could be an example of sustainable ocean management.


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2 Responses to Sustainable oceans?

  1. eqfe says:

    “Sustainable marine industries, prosperous coastal communities and a healthy marine environment for generations to come can be achieved for the Celtic Sea and other marine areas if new recommendations are followed, says a new report from the PISCES Group.” That’s a pretty big IF. I find your optimism encouraging since you no doubt know more about this that the article contains.
    It seems to me that the most difficult thing to achieve is to decrease whatever fishing fleet harvests here, and to find alternative sources of income for fisherman. Over fishing on the Atlantic coast, in US and Canadian territorial waters was often the results of Captains and their small crew, in small boats being understandably more concerned about feeding their families today, and less concerned about the long term health of the breeding stock.

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