argylesock says… I like this article very much. But it needs more science!

Most importantly, there need to be warnings about adding algal biomass to food, animal feed, or land used for growing crops. Yes, use it for those things. But don’t do those things with algal biomass that has been used to clean sewage or car-polluted air.

A less important point: algae are not seaweeds. Some kinds of algae grow in salt water but to me, ‘seaweed’ means a much larger organism. [Edit] Later found out that I was wrong about that. Seaweeds are macroalgae.

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

The Hindu2013-01-21:                      Algal biomass has innumerable benefits, prominent among them being its ability to generate power and reduce pollution. And, more importantly, it eliminates the use of high quantity of chemical substances, says an NGO. Algaculture will be of great help to fishermen who depend on uncertain catch from the sea as it adds to the family income. Algal biomass is useful in power generation plants and food processing industries too….                  more »

Photo: WN

Coral reef with small fishes, hard and soft corals

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