Findus beef lasagne products found with horse meat

The Food Standards Agency found that 60% of the ‘beef’ in Findus lasagne was horse meat. Yes, 60%.

[Edit] News has come in that some packs of this ‘beef’ product were 100% horse meat. There’s talk of fraud.

[Edit #2] Now a veterinary drug called phenylbutazone, known as ‘bute’, has been reported in the lasagne. Here’s a newspaper article about it.


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6 Responses to Findus beef lasagne products found with horse meat

  1. Finn Holding says:

    Is anyone actually eating beef these days? It sounds like everything is full of horse meat. Where is it coming from?

    • argylesock says:

      Quite. There’s talk of a police investigation and I hope that does happen. It’s no longer just a trace of horse DNA – somebody’s been committing crimes, it seems.

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  3. EqfE says:

    That is a good question, where is the horse meat coming from? I can’t tell if this is a widespread problem, or I widely reported minor problem. This is starting to remind me of the “scandal” some years back that found that ridiculously cheap sausages from supermarket chains were only something like 60% meat.

    • argylesock says:

      There’ll have to be a police investigation, I think. Because of consumer rights, and human health, and probably also because of animal welfare.

      I don;t recall that sausage scandal. It sounds as though you though it was pretty obvious that cheap sausages were full of non-meat fillers. If so, I agree. That’ll be why those products taste so bland.

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