The fur industry

argylesock says… I have no problem with people using fur, just as I have no problem with people eating meat. Likewise leather. Does anybody certify some fur or leather as sustainable or cruelty-free?


 Friday 22 february – 2013 

I made this on the fur industry last year and thought it might be of interest to others who care about fur bearing animals. It’s not a full describtion so if you have further informations please let me know.

But, here it is:

The fur industry

The fur industry is rather obscure so it is not easy making a simplified overview.

Overall, there’s very few detailed official statistics and it’s possible that even the official numbers on pelts doesn’t mirror the exact numbers on killed animals. Regarding the Chinese fur production, it’s impossible to find any numbers at all. All are estimated. I have not been able to find any information on illegal fur productions.

Figures used in the table are picked up around on the net, from official ministerial pages to pages created by anti-fur campaigners. Mink and Fox are the…

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2 Responses to The fur industry

  1. But much fur use is entirely different from eating meat because it fulfills no useful purpose. If the animal already is being killed for meat, then using the skin/fur is just being efficient; but using resources to raise animals for the sole purpose of using the fur for “expensive handbags” and the like is incredibly wasteful (environmentally speaking) not to mention morally unjustifiable.

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