The Great Green Wall

argylesock says… Planting trees all across Africa! This is an incredible ambition but maybe it’ll work. I hope it does.

[Edit] Christine Dell’Amore at National Geographic tells us more about the Great Green Wall ‘to halt Sahara’s spread’.

Earth Baby

The Great Green Wall is a long term project in Africa that involves planting a huge ‘wall’ or trees along the Southern edge of the Sahara desert. The picture below is a bit blurry in terms of the key, but you can clearly see the sandy colour representing the desert region and the emerald green line symbolizing the proposed wall.

The wall of trees would be 4,300 miles long and 9 miles thick, so it would essentially be a long thin forest. Encouragingly, Senegal is really keen on the project and has already planted 50,000 trees (The Guardian, 2012). However the Great Green Wall would need to touch 11 countries so co-operation on a massive scale is necessary here, which can pose a challenge when tensions are high due to a lack of resources.

What’s really cool though is the African governments and the local groups involved are really psyched for this…

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2 Responses to The Great Green Wall

  1. Thanks for reblogging my post, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this project, it’s sounds so great doesn’t it? Hopefully they can pull it off.
    Happy writing.. xx

    • argylesock says:

      It will be great to follow your posts on this topic. So many questions I’d like to ask. Maybe I’ll get around to researching it (Google is a great copilot isn’t it?) but as you know I have several themes underway on my blog already.

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