Herbicides for GMOs Driving Monarch Butterfly Populations to ‘Ominous’ Brink

argylesock says… I haven’t yet seen peer reviewed science about this story. But I trust the World Wildlife Fund aka the Worldwide Fund for Nature, who put their name to the report. Apparently monarch butterflies’ (Danaus plexippus) overwintering habitat in Mexico is now being protected, at least partially, from logging. But farmers in North America’s corn belt are growing genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready maize and soya beans, allowing them to spray Roundup herbicide. That’s killing milkweed (Asclepias syriaca), the monarch caterpillars’ food plant.


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I wrote a PhD about veterinary parasitology so that's the starting point for this blog. But I'm now branching out into other areas of biology and into popular science writing. I'll write here about science that happens in landscapes, particularly farmland, and about science involving interspecific interactions. Datasets and statistics get my attention. Exactly where this blog will lead? That's a journey that I'm on and I hope you'll come with me.
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