MORE Facts About Livestock – Let the Debate Begin!

argylesock says… Livestock in poor countries are part of a complicated story.

Food (Policy) For Thought

One thing that I cherish about academia is the plurality of opinions and the richness of debate on any topic people care about. This is also translated into research, where facts are as quickly uncovered as they are disputed with alternative figures, making things even more complicated (as well as more interesting) with each and every study published.

After I posted about two blogposts of the International Livestock Research Institute, which in turn were based on a paper published by Herrero et al., a colleague thoughtfully pointed out that some of the facts that were referenced may in fact be disputable. I like nothing more than a balanced discussion, so let’s have a look at both sides of the argument point by point:

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I wrote a PhD about veterinary parasitology so that's the starting point for this blog. But I'm now branching out into other areas of biology and into popular science writing. I'll write here about science that happens in landscapes, particularly farmland, and about science involving interspecific interactions. Datasets and statistics get my attention. Exactly where this blog will lead? That's a journey that I'm on and I hope you'll come with me.
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