Kale and the immune system ( #foodie Friday)

argylesock says… I like kale too. It’s part of a marvellous species, Brassica oleracea, described by Jeanne at the Botanist in the Kitchen

I’ll point out that the photo, on the video clip you linked to, isn’t a photo of kale. It’s a photo of another kind of B. oleracea, in fact an Italian style broccoli, and not even a dark-green variety. The dark green colour may be crucial because it’s due to chlorophyll, which contains iron, hence green vegetables being a souce of iron in the diet.

I’ll point out also that the science featured in that film involves adding kale extract to a blood sample. It isn’t about people *eating* kale. But thank you for pointing it out. I’ll go and read the science.

Everything Matters

I know a lot of kale eaters…but apparently the typical American eats only 1 cup a year…I eat easily that much every couple of days at certain times of year…this is an interesting little video…and very short.

In short: Kale is good food!

We grow it in our garden but also buy it all year-long when our garden isn’t producing…I’ve been eating it for many years…had no idea it was such a rarity on the menu of most people. It’s good raw and cooked and I think variety is always a good thing. Raw foods have enzymes that cooked food does not. But cooking sometimes increases other nutrients. Mix it up!

There are lots of varieties of kale. If you don’t like one try another! They can be quite different, especially in texture. See: Varieties of Kale

A big hit these day are Kale Chips… Here is one recipe.

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I wrote a PhD about veterinary parasitology so that's the starting point for this blog. But I'm now branching out into other areas of biology and into popular science writing. I'll write here about science that happens in landscapes, particularly farmland, and about science involving interspecific interactions. Datasets and statistics get my attention. Exactly where this blog will lead? That's a journey that I'm on and I hope you'll come with me.
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7 Responses to Kale and the immune system ( #foodie Friday)

  1. hi…thanks for the reblog and the comments…I knew the photo on the video was not kale…I had no control of that photo…the maker of the video did that. I also thought it was obviously not kale, but you’re probably quite right, there are many who wouldn’t know that! Have fun reading the science.

  2. Charley McKelvy says:

    We have picked and eaten kale here in Michigan, USA in the middle of a snow storm in February. Anything that hearty is worth eating!

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