Transformation of smallholder farming : an important part of the solution to providing food security (Practical Action)

argylesock says… Here’s some good thinking about agriculture, looking beyond the New Alliance to see the smallholders.


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NOW is the time for Smallholder farmers

Chris Henderson

I am really pleased to see the UK Government and G8 focus on food and agriculture and to be invited by DFID to consult on the initiative. This focus is needed to strengthen the resilience and productivity of all farmers to meet the food and nutrition needs of themselves and the growing population.

I am anxious about what the DFID event (Promoting African Agriculture – The New Alliance for Security and Nutrition) will bring.

  • Will it motivate investment in sustainable agriculture at all levels – smallholder farmers to large-scale agri-business?
  • Will it enable smallholders to invest and grow their agricultural livelihoods, or will it just benefit the multinationals and big business?

Smallholders are key to success
You may ask, why the preoccupation with smallholder farmers? Simple:

  • They produce food where it is needed.
  • They depend on the…

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4 Responses to Transformation of smallholder farming : an important part of the solution to providing food security (Practical Action)

  1. EqFe says:

    I think that this is a great idea. Small landowners tend to take better care of the land than big agra. OTOH the assumption that population will continue to grow, ensures failure. One of the biggest difficulties faced by small landowners is that each generation divides the land into small and smaller parcels.

    • argylesock says:

      That’s true, in some cultures. But I’m hopeful that people will get better at using birth control. The documentary I linked to here, a few weeks ago, in which David Attenborough asked ‘How many people can live on Planet Earth?’ included footage from one of the sub-Saharan African countries in which woman and girls are becoming empowered. Girls are marrying later and most women are no longer having >2 kids. I’ve forgotten which country that was.

  2. Eqfe says:

    Which is a great sign. Some social scientist believe that the key to population control is increased education, especial of women..

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