Livestock Sector Development in China

argylesock says… There are huge successes in China now. But they come at a cost as my fellow blogger raziqkakar says here.


China, being the largest country with human population has developed its livestock sector efficiency manifolds in last 2 decades. China transformed its production system from a rural based subsistence system to a high in-put and intensive system.  The challenge of malnutrition and hunger was beaten by three prong approaches, i.e.

A. Policy Development

B. Investment  in Agriculture sector

C. Farm Mechanization and Technology transfer

Now China has enough food to feed it more than 1 billion population on one hand and export some food item on the other hand. All types of animal and plants products are available at comparatively cheaper prices. The food crisis especially of animal origin is no more prevailing.

The other very appealing development in China’s livestock sector is the proper manure management. The manure is used for Bio-gas production and then transformed in LPG or use for power generation. Such development is very much…

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6 Responses to Livestock Sector Development in China

  1. EqFe says:

    And rigid population control. Without the latter, the first three would not have been remotely effective.

  2. Eqfe says:

    To be honest the social effect of a surplus of males, or shortage of females is unfortunate. In general I don’t understand the religious extremists who are against birth control, I suppose they believe that suffering and malnutritioun are gods will.

    • argylesock says:

      I can’t speak for religious extremists. I do think that enforced sterilisation and late abortions are terrible breaches of human dignity.

      Anyway, this conversation is moving away from the scope of my blog.

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