Trade secrets – Draft EU documents reveal trade agenda with US

Trade negotiations are underway now, between the European Union and the United States. I’ve mentioned how these negotiations may provide a route for genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered or GE) crops to become commonplace in Europe. There’s not a lot in the mainstream news about what’s going on.

Today Karen Hansen-Kuhn at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy tells us about the EU-US trade negotiations. I can’t vouch for Ms Hansen-Kuhn’s accuracy, and it seems, nor can she. Secrets and closed doors are involved.


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6 Responses to Trade secrets – Draft EU documents reveal trade agenda with US

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  2. Eqfe says:

    Given the large percentage of US crops grown with GMO seed, it would seem highly unlikely that the US would not be pushing the EU to accept them. I wonder what the US public will be asked to accept in exchange?

  3. Eqfe says:

    Yanno, I have no real idea. I’ve noticed that many of the Italian pasta makers that were accused of “dumping” subsidized pasta on the US market, now have their factories in the US.

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