Corals can fight ocean acidification

argylesock says… An encouraging title. But do read the article. Global warming means bleached corals and acidifying ocean water. Those corals aren’t likely to cope well with that water. I’ve mentioned before how these kinds of change have knock-on effects all the way through food webs. [Edit] But marine sponges (Porifera) might help! My fellow blogger narhvalur tells us how sponges are the unheralded heroes of the reef.

Ocean Acidification

A world-first Australian study has shown tropical corals can fight back  against acidifying oceans caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

Scientists say coral reefs are still under serious threat from coral  bleaching due to higher sea-surface temperatures and direct human impacts.

But research by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies suggests  many corals have the ability to largely offset the effects of increasingly  acidic oceans.

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