Food waste from a British supermarket

Our leading supermarket chain in Britain is Tesco. Today, the BBC says that Tesco introduces measures to reduce food waste. ‘The statistics show that 68% of salad to be sold in bags is thrown out, 35% of it by customers.’

Of course Tesco is a retailer. Its job is to sell groceries. I wonder how much these new policies will turn out to make a difference to food waste. Or are they just window-dressing greenwash?


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6 Responses to Food waste from a British supermarket

  1. EqFe says:

    Seems like a marketing gimmick to sell smaller bags of salad mix, no don’t for a higher cost per pound. Supermarkets serious about reducing waste, give the produce to food kitchens before it goes bad.

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  3. And why does Tesco care? The more food that is wasted the more they sell 😦

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