Labelling GMOs: The Whole Food Debate

argylesock says… I’m thinking about GM crops in Europe, and about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). There’s concern that the TTIP might force European farmers, growers and grocers to accept more GMOs. Here my fellow blogger Noah Zerbe shows us encouraging news. At least one grocery chain in the States has announced that it won’t conceal the use of GMOs. Label food ‘GM’ in European shops? Ha! Good luck with that.

[Edit] My fellow blogger applpy at Thought + Food tells us that the Whole Foods story isn’t really about GM after all.

Global Food Politics

WholeFoodsWhole Foods last week announced it would begin phasing out top-selling Greek yoghurt Chobani products in early 2014 as part of its efforts to stop selling genetically engineered products that aren’t labelled. While Chobani claims to use all-natural ingredients, its yoghurt is produced from milk from diary cows fed genetically modified grains. Whole Foods claims that its decision will free space on store shelves for products from smaller producers that don’t contain genetically modified ingredients. It also notes that the decision reflects consumer demand for labelling.

But Chobani claims that Whole Foods’ decision was rooted in its effort to expand its own line of Greek yoghurt, 365 Everyday Value Greek Yoghurt. Whatever the motivation, it seems clear that natural food retailers are responding to growing public pressure and consumer demand for transparency in product choices that could fundamentally reshape retail markets moving forward.

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    Thanks for including my post!

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