Toxic pesticides

Gilles-Eric Séralini is famous for publishing controversial evidence that lab rats (Rattus norvegicus) got tumours after they ate genetically modified (GM, genetically engineered) maize (corn, Zea mays). Prof Séralini’s website explains that the maize was a Roundup Ready crop called NK603 from Monsanto and that the rats also ate Monsanto’s pesticide Roundup. [Edit: I’m finding my way into understanding Prof Séralini’s rat-feeding study. In particular I’m not yet sure whether the maize variety was NK603, MON863 or a cross between those varieties.] [Edit again: it was NK603. The paper was retracted (withdrawn) but later republished.]

I’ve more to say about that, but today I’ll mention Prof Séralini’s new study about toxic pesticides. Oliver Nieburg at Food Navigator tells us that Prof Séralini has found many pesticides, including Roundup, to be far more toxic than they’re said to be. When I get chance to read the original paper, I’ll tell you what I find.

I’m grateful to my fellow blogger B A Usman for drawing attention to this.


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