Trade across the Pond and a possible Brexit

We in Britain are European citizens. Some say that the European Union (EU) is great for all. Others say we should leave – do a British Exit (‘Brexit’).

If the Conservative Party (the Tories) wins the next General Election, we’re promised an in/out referendum about EU membership. Just now the Tories are in a coalition Government with the Liberal Democratic Party (the Lib Dems). Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, isn’t very impressed by televised debates about Europe that have just happened between his deputy, Nick Clegg who leads the Lib Dems, and Nigel Farage who leads the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). Mr Cameron says that both Mr Clegg and Mr Farage hold ‘quite extreme’ views.

So far as I know, none of these politicians has commented on how a Brexit might affect the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). I wish they’d do that.

For the time being, we’re still in the EU. So we’re still part of the TTIP negotiations. As I’ve mentioned before, the TTIP is huge for everybody who relies on the land or the sea. For all of us. Farmers, gardeners, fishers, everybody who eats. But it’s not easy to find out what’s being agreed for us. Monika Ermert at Intellectual Property Watch tells us that right now, discussion considers investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). Er, what’s ISDS?

My fellow blogger Russ at Volatility, who I think is American, tells us that there’s a consultation about ISDS in the TTIP. We in Europe are invited to give our opinions.

If we weren’t in the EU, would we be part of the TTIP at all? Would we like it that way, or not?

About argylesock

I wrote a PhD about veterinary parasitology so that's the starting point for this blog. But I'm now branching out into other areas of biology and into popular science writing. I'll write here about science that happens in landscapes, particularly farmland, and about science involving interspecific interactions. Datasets and statistics get my attention. Exactly where this blog will lead? That's a journey that I'm on and I hope you'll come with me.
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