Are GM crops biosafe?

Are GM (genetically modified, genetically engineered) crops biosafe? Here’s a review of how biosafety testing is done.

That review is from the lab of Gilles-Eric Séralini. Prof Séralini is famous or infamous for a series of studies about GM crops. His focus is on Roundup Ready crops, made by the chemical and biotech giant Monsanto to be grown with its weedkiller Roundup (glyphosate). He’s reported damage to lab rats (Rattus norvegicus) after feeding them Roundup itself and Roundup Ready maize (corn, Zea mays) and soya (soybean, Glycine max).

For a while now, I’ve been gestating a review of Prof Séralini’s research. I’ll show you that when I’ve written it. Meanwhile here’s Prof Séralini’s list of publications.


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