Blogs to watch

20-something Environmentalist Lindsay McNamara blogs about the environment.

23thorns has a way with words about wildlife.

A Bugly Life Entomology, Ecology, Evolution.

A Scientist and Skeptic is about all fields of science.

Agricultural Biodiversity Blog is about unity for diversity.

Agriculture for Impact Action for increased and enhanced European government support for agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Agriculture Information Bank is about turning the deserts into green.

Agrigirl’s Blog is about life, leadership and community supported agriculture.

Agroforestry World Blog is about the benefits of research into the growing of trees on farms.

All About Feed Blogs are about animal feed.

Among the Stately Trees Bob Booth blogs for biodiversity.

Anchors of Reason The Creator thinks critically about many topics, often science.

Anglesey Aquaculture is about rearing seabass.

Animal Connection is about animal rights.

Animal Sciences… Serving Humanity Waji2 studies zoology.

Animal Welfare Approved works to improve farm animal welfare in the States.

Ann Novek – With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors Narhvalur blogs about plants, animals and landscapes.

Anthropogen Spencer Woodard blogs about plants and how we humans live with plants.

Back Yard Biology showcases many different plant, animal and insect species.

Baldscientist explains the thoughts of a neurobiologist.

Basal Science Clarified discusses many different scientific topics.

Beach Chair Scientist Ann McElhatton and others make marine science accessible.

Beef and Lamb Matters is the blog for the English beef and sheep meat industry.

Beetles in the Bush Ted MacRae knows his invertebrates.

Behaving Animals Maria (Ria Pi) blogs about animal behaviour.

Betty the Butterfly blogs about what’s happening in the animal world.

Beuys Terous is about creative actions for trees.

Bibliopharm is about suburban mini farming adventures.

Biofortified Blog is about stronger life, stronger science, and stronger communication.

Botanical Society of the British Isles Coordinator’s Blog is news and gossip about the Society and botany in general.

Bovine TB Blog Matthew blogs about bovine tuberculosis (TB) in Britain.

British Mule Society Blog is about what mules in the UK get up to.

British Trout Association Diary is about trout farming.

Buried Words and Bushwa is about many topics, including plants and wildlife.

CABI Hand Picked is written by experts at the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International.

CABI Invasives Scientists at the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International blog about invasive species.

Center for International Forestry Research Blog is about the value of forests.

Centre for Alternative Technology CAT is an education and visitor centre which demonstrates practical solutions for sustainability.

Changing Lifestyle Blog is about rural living.

Chris Raper blogs about insects, particularly tachinids.

CIMMYT’s Blog is from the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center.

Co-operatives UK Staff Blogs are about the national trade body that campaigns for co-operation and works to promote, develop and unite co-operative enterprises.

Converging Crises Jon Barrett writes a personal response to the world’s converging crises.

Daryl Ilbury’s Otherwise View is the pointy stick that jabs at that uncomfortable area where science and society collide.

Day by Day the Farm Girl Way Littlesundog blogs about life on ten acres.

Dear Kitty, some blog Petrel41 blogs about many topics, including conservation.

Deep Green Resistance News Service is about ecological and social issues.

Digging in the Clay Verity Jones blogs about climate science.

Duckweed Gardening Tamra Fakhoorian blogs about sustainable living.

Earth Baby Tegan Tallullah blogs ideas and musings for a sustainable and happy planet.

EarthSTILLS Words and Images – earth.

East of the Woods Erin blogs about marine biology.

Ecology Escapades Rachel Bates blogs about ecology.

Ecology is Not a Dirty Word is about how humans interact with nature and how modern agriculture is placed within the environment.

Eden Project Blog is about climate and environment, plants and gardens, among other things.

Ekostories Isaac Yuen connects narratives to nature, culture and self.

Environmental Investigation Agency Blog is about protecting the environment with intelligence.

European Marine Energy Centre Blog is about a global centre of excellence in marine energy testing and research.

Exposing the Big Game Jim Robertson blogs against hunting.

Factor E Farm Blog is about building tools for replicable, open source, post-scarcity resilient communities.

Farmers Weekly Blogs keep a farming eye on a range of topics.

Farming First Blog highlights the importance of improving farmers’ livelihoods and agriculture’s potential contribution to global issues.

Fighting for Hope is about raising awareness of green issues and solutions.

Flu Trackers Forum Tracking infectious diseases since 2006.

Food and Fisheries is about what its title says.

Food Standards Agency Blog Andrew Wadge is the Food Standards Agency’s Chief Scientist.

FoodnStuff is about energy decline and self-sufficiency.

Friends of the Earth Scotland Blog is for the environment.

Frugal Feeding is about eating good food on a relatively small budget.

Garden Pool Blog Dennis McClung blogs about a miniature self-sufficient ecosystem.

Gardens Eye View Donna blogs about life, living and gardening.

George Monbiot tells people what they don’t want to hear.

Global Food Security comments on the big issues about food.

Green Field Notes is about WWOOFing (World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), travelling and adventuring.

Green Living London Timr6 blogs about green issues.

Greensky is a small initiative with great vision of prosperous and green India.

Guardian Poverty Matters Blog is about poverty and development in many countries.

Guardian Science Blogs are about many scientific topics.

Harvest 2050 The Global Harvest Initiative is a private-sector voice for productivity growth through the agricultural value chain to sustainably meet the demands of a growing world.

Howling for Justice is about wolves.

Huffington Post Blogs are about many topics, including science.

Hunger Project Blog is about empowering women and men to end their own hunger.

Incredible Edible is about local food.

Indian Agriculture and Trade Policy Bhaskar Goswami is an agriculture and trade policy analyst.

Inspiring Science Sedeer blogs about bioscience communicating scientific ideas to non-scientists.

International Fund for Agricultural Development Social Reporting Blog is about enabling poor rural people to overcome poverty.

International Land Coalition Blog is about empowering the rural poor.

International Livestock Research Institute Clippings is about livestock and development.

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center Blog is about sustainably increasing the productivity of maize and wheat systems, to ensure global food security and reduce poverty.

International Potato Center Blogs are about edible roots and tubers improving the lives of the poor.

International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications blogs about biotechnology for farmers, especially in the developing world.

Invasive Notes John Thompson blogs about invasive species.

Jenny Perennial chronicles the trials and travels of a future organic farmer and homesteader.

Kosmos9 is about global education.

Krikitarts Gary blogs about many different organisms.

Lack of Environment Martin Lack blogs about sustainability.

LEAF’s blog is about linking environment and farming.

Learn from Nature Henricus Peters blogs about sustainability.

Life on a Colorado Farm Linda blogs about farm life.

Living with Insects is a forum for exploring all subjects touching upon insects and arthropods.

Macrocritters What’s a nice bug like you doing in a place like this?

Mistletoe Matters Jonathan Briggs blogs about mistletoe.

Montana Outdoors is about the beauty of western Montana.

More Notes from Aboveground RonBC shows book reviews and essays on a variety of topics, including science.

Moss Musings gives all the buzz about your favorite fuzz.

Mottled Thrush blogs about science and politics.

MrE Science Blog is about fascinating science.

My Botanical Garden Tamara blogs about an inter-generational project with senior garden volunteers.

Naturanaute is about everything that lives on earth, under water and in the air.

Natural History Wanderings Sandy Steinman blogs about natural history. blogs are written by Nature Publishing Group editors, staff and occasional guest bloggers.

Naturestimeline Tony blogs about the progress of the seasons in accordance with the climate.

New Anthropocene Moth blogs about living responsibly.

NFU Blogs are by members of the National Farmers Union.

Nothing But Science Michael Hawkins blogs about biology and evolution.

NOAA’s Response and Restoration Blog is about cleaning up marine pollution.

Ocean Acidification Lina Hansson and others blog about acidifying waters.

Oceanic Explorer Steve Pogonowski blogs about marine biology.

Oilgae Blog tells the latest from the world of algae fuels.

Okanagan Okanogan Uniting art and science in the earth.

ONE Blog is about the fight against extreme poverty.

One Lop Too Many Xanthia blogs about rabbits.

One Thousand Days Blogs are about maternal and child nutrition.

Open the Echo Chamber Edward Carr blogs about development and global change.

ORBIS Blog is about saving sight worldwide.

Orson’s Oracle Jim Orson blogs from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Outdoor Nation is about children’s relationship with the outdoors.

Oxfam Blogs News, opinion and debate from around the world and the web.

Permaculture Power David Power blogs about permaculture.

Photography + Science = Chanel is about all things ocean and the environment.

Pindanpost Tom Harley blogs about weather, climate, environment, energy and horticulture.

Planet Earth Blog is by authors from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

PlantTracker blog is about invasive plants.

Plantwise Scientists at the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International blog about plant health.

Poor Richard’s Almanac is a Luddite’s take on life, chickens and other critical issues.

Pro-Ovine Blog is about a national British veterinary and consultancy practice working exclusively with sheep.

Radnor Bird Blog is about bird sightings in and around Radnorshire.

Rambling Woods is about the road less traveled.

Raxa Collective is about entrepreneurial conservation.

Research Blogging is about a range of topics, many of them scientific.

Respect for Animals is against the fur trade.

Richard Wilson Ecology Richard Wilson is a freelance ecologist.

Save Our Seas Foundation Blog

Sciencelens Gerry photographs science, industry and technology.

ScienceNordic blogs Creative professors, expert lecturers, savvy PhD-students and other clever scientists.

SciencePolitics Abigail Schindler would like more science in public policy and beyond.

Scienceprone Kasia and others blog about the academic life.

Science and Belief Ruth Bancewicz blogs about the science-faith dialogue.

Science Blogs are about a range of topics.

Science Musings Chet Raymo writes about science and nature.

Science Notes LotStreetWiz and Monado blog about science and atheism.

Science or Not? Graham Coghill separates science from nonsense.

Science – The New Frontier? Where is science headed?

Scientific Femanomaly is about scientific innovation, the process of relaying new ideas to society, and issues surrounding women in science and engineering.

Sciopic sees the world through a scientific lens.

Seeds Aside Plant gossips… are almost cotton!

She Kept a Parrot George Weaver has an opinion about most things.

Sid’s Thoughts on Biology Biology fascinates Sid.

Skeptical Raptor hunts pseudoscience.

Skeptical Squirrel blogs about science and nature for all.

Some of Patrice Ayme’s Thoughts Intelligence at the core of humanism.

Spokes and Petals Jenny Hauf blogs about urban appreciation by hook and by crook.

Steady City Mike Soron blogs about safety and sustainability.

Stop Animal Abuse Jules blogs about news, views and petitions regarding animal abuse. Plus various animal stories from around the world.

Symbiology Battfink blogs about interactions between unlike organisms.

Taking Science to the People Matt Russell makes science and scientific advances more mainstream.

TB Farm Advisory Service forum is about a free and independent service to farmers in the South West.

The Beagle Project Reflections on Darwin’s voyage of discovery.

The Coastal House Eivind Burkow blogs about the sea and seafood.

The Current Event is about the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERP).

The Donkey Whisperer is about the health and care of donkeys, horses and mules.

The Drunkbirder John blogs about birding from the hip flask.

The Garden Pond Blog Jeremy Biggs knows his ponds.

The Gentleman Angler Graham channels the author of an 18th century angling book.

The Growth Industry Patrick O’Keeffe writes about Australian agriculture.

The Loony Gardener is about food from seed to plate.

The Micro Gardener Anne blogs about urban abundance.

The Naturephile Finn Holding blogs about wildlife encounters.

The ObserverTree Miranda Gibson lives in a tree under imminent threat, in a forest due to be logged any day now.

The Peddler’s Donkey is a tribute to the much misunderstood ass.

The Road to Serendipity Fran and Steve try to find order in all of this chaos.

The Soulsby Farm Dan and Mindy Soulsby blog about sustainable farming, permaculture, gardening and homesteading.

Think Forward is a blog written by staff of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy covering sustainability as it intersects with food, rural development, international trade, the environment and public health.

Thinking Cowgirl Sarah blogs about a year in the life of ten acres.

Tomorrow’s Table Pamela Ronald blogs about plant genetics and farming.

Tough Little Birds Katie LaBarbera blogs about dark-eyed juncos and other scientific topics.

Treeblog Ashley Peace is an arborist.

Unbought Delicacies MrsL blogs about her journey towards self-reliance, creative living and simplicity in uncertain times.

Vegeplot Nicholas Spies responds in the best way he can to the uncertain future of the global economy.

Vertical Veg is about food growing in containers and tiny spaces.

WasteWatch UK is a practical charity inspiring and helping people to waste less.

Weatherdem’s Weblog is where science meets politics.

Wellcome Trust blog is about science and biomedicine.

Where the Grass is Greener Jasmine Wei is a zoology graduate.

Wibble is just another human with an opinion.

Wild About Britain Blogs are wildlife and countryside related blogs written by members of Wild About Britain.

Wildlife UK Blogs are wildlife and countryside related blogs written by members of Wildlife UK.

Wood and Field Jo Ann blogs about living with nature.

Wood Elf Weekly Wood Elf blogs about the outdoor world.

Woodland Matters is about public affairs of the Woodland Trust.

Woodlands is about woodlands for enjoyment and conservation.

WoolyWarm’s Farm Ohio Yarn Farmer blogs about adventures in homesteading.

Words and Herbs Cathy blogs for all who appreciate the beauty of words, flowers and homecooking.

World Economic Forum Blog is about the big issues.

Worldwatch Institute Blog is about nourishing the planet.

You Do Too Much Kat Arney blogs about music, science, cakes, knitting – that kind of thing.

Zoo Student StaceyM studies zoology.


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