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DON’T PANIC — The Facts About Population

Hans Rosling is a great communicator. Here’s his documentary about human population. Our world reached ‘peak child’ around 2000 because people are using more birth control. Now children aren’t dying so much as they used to. Therefore the world’s population … Continue reading

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Vital statistics

argylesock says… I like this post. And I want to add something to the list of responses that people give when you mention statistics. When I say that I love doing stats, nearly everybody calls me ‘weird’ and announces that … Continue reading

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Count the spots: Parents should not have to

When I say that I love statistics, most people glaze over. Let me tell you that I glaze over at certain branches of science, even at some things I needed to write about in my PhD thesis. Nobody’s good at … Continue reading

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Human Sciences, statistics and R

Originally posted on Human Science Explored:
The use of statistics has long been important in the human sciences. An early example is an analysis by William Sealy Gosset (alias “Student”) of biometric data obtained by Scotland Yard around 1900. The…

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Looking at data #7: Variance

As you know I had a few weeks’ break from blogging about numbers, mostly due to a slow Internet connection. Now I’m back to (what passes for) normality but I’m still not making sense of the WordPress Maths app. Do … Continue reading

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Blogging about the numbers

Do you blog about Maths? Do you write scripts in R? Do you program computers? If so, please advise me. My WP posts about Stats (aka applied Maths) could really do with proper mathematical terms. I hope never to make … Continue reading

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Looking at data #7: What’s the average?

I’ve updated my previous post about averages here. Thanks richardgunton and others for helping me to get it right this time. At least, I think I’ve got it right. Please tell me (politely) if I haven’t.

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Learning about the numbers

I’ll correct my mistake in this post by updating the figure (the illustration: this blog is about science, not slimming). But this morning I have other jobs to do. Teasing isn’t my thing so here comes the explanation. I wrote … Continue reading

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Being expert… or not

What did I get wrong when I wrote this? Today richardgunton told me what my mistake was. I have very few regrets in my life but one of them is that I dropped Maths at school when I was 15. … Continue reading

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Looking at data #6: Error

In statistics, ‘error’ doesn’t always mean that you got it wrong. It certainly can mean that. Scientists can read instruments wrongly, we can make typos and so on. This is why detail-oriented people like me can be good scientists. We … Continue reading

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