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Paving the Way For Invasive Species

Originally posted on Living With Insects Blog:
Horticulturalists help bring beauty to our gardens and landscapes by introducing plants from other parts of the world and breeding them for aesthetic characteristics. In the past, not enough attention was paid to…

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Lepidopteran of the month: Brimstone butterfly

If you’re in Britain, have you seen any Lepidoptera (butterflies or moths) on the wing this year? I haven’t yet, no doubt because I’m in the North and because spring is late. If you did see a lepidopteran, perhaps it … Continue reading

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Lepidoptera of the month: Brimstone, Peacock and Red Admiral

There are lots of insects in the world, aren’t there? Lots of little creatures and lots of different kinds of little creatures. Here’s what Wikipedia says about the class Insecta. Here’s what Earthlife says about the orders of insects. I’m … Continue reading

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