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Is controlled hunting of endangered species a valid plan?

Originally posted on Anomie:
Answer by Rory Young: The argument for the limited trade in endangered species products is that the money generated will be put back into the protection and management of the endangered species in question. The obvious…

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Dragons, Devils & Dinosaurs: A Symbiologist’s Guide to St George’s Day

Originally posted on Symbiology:
It’s St George’s Day today; here in England, this is the feast day of our Patron Saint.  We share him with a number of other countries including Moldova, Palestine and (perhaps unsurprisingly) Georgia, but we are…

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Nature’s horrible perversion

Thanks to a fellow WP blogger, Daniel Digby, we can all understand about satanic lizards.

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Reptiles in Britain

Here in Britain we have six, maybe seven, native reptiles and a few introduced reptiles. I’ve seen only one of them despite having been a childhood fan of all wildlife. Now that I’m adult my science is mainly about agriculture … Continue reading

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