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Big Spawn Count 2013

Originally posted on The Garden Smallholder:
I’ve seen at least three frog-couples since the weekend, sometimes sat at the edge of the pond and other times swimming around. Each morning (and some evenings by torchlight) I check the pond for spawn but so…

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Australia’s Native Frogs Fight With Cane Toads Successfully

Originally posted on Ann Novek( Luure)–With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors:
BBC News2013-03-07: The tadpoles of Australia‘s native frogs can outcompete invasive toads, scientists say. The toads are considered a threat to Australian wildlife, leading…

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Coming to a pond near you… close encounters of the amphibian kind

If you’re in Britain, Pond Conservation invites you to the Big Spawn Count 2013. It sounds very easy to join in. When spawning season begins, in the spring, you’re invited to count how many clumps of spawn are laid and … Continue reading

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