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Comparison of agriculture in North America and Europe raises questions about the value of GM

Originally posted on AgScience:
Researchers led by Canterbury University Professor Jack Heinemann have announced further findings that challenge the benefits of genetic modification. This time their analysis deals with agricultural productivity. They report finding (see here) that the biotechnologies used…

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Green light for GM?

Steve Connor at the Independent told us, three months ago, of advice to our UK Government about genetically modified (GM, genetically engineered) crops. Our Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Prof Sir Mark Walport, led a team advising that Britain, and the … Continue reading

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Top scientist Sir Mark Walport urges climate change deniers to give in

Originally posted on LEARN FROM NATURE:
The Government’s chief scientific advisor has challenged climate sceptics to drop their denial of global warming in the face of overwhelming evidence that it poses “an extremely important threat to us”. Sir Mark Walport…

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Hello Prof Sir Mark Walport

Professor Sir Mark Walport has taken over as the UK government’s Chief Scientific Adviser. He’s been Director of the Wellcome Trust for ten years already. The Wellcome Trust is one of the largest funders of science in the world. So … Continue reading

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