GMOs good for Africa–Calestous Juma, Kenyan biotechnology expert and Harvard professor

argylesock says… As so often with pro-GM statements, I’m seeing too much focus on direct effects on human consumers’ health and too little attention to the bigger picture. Other organisms, farmers’ right to own their seeds, increasing use of agrochemicals some of which harm people… you can follow my ‘genetic modification’ tag for more about these topics.

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Bio-Innovate launch: Harvard's Calestous Juma

Calestous Juma, a Kenyan agricultural and biotechnology expert and professor at Harvard University, gave the keynote presentation at the 2011 launch of Bio-Innovate, at ILRI’s Nairobi campus (photo credit: ILRI).

Biotechnology and genetic engineering have the potential to do for agriculture what mobile technology has done for the communications sector in Africa, a renowned Harvard University scholar, Prof. Calestous Juma, has said.

‘Prof. Juma, who was in the country for a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni, advocated for the adoption of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) saying they would boost food and income security.

‘He however, cautioned that it would be detrimental to adopt GMOs without clear flexible and supportive biotechnology regulations, asking Parliament to pass the Biotechnology Bill. . . .

‘At [a] public lecture he emphasised the role of technology in transforming livelihoods, insisting that if Africa didn’t embrace GMOs in agriculture, the problems like climate change, pests and…

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