Pastoralism’s economic contributions are significant but overlooked

argylesock says… Here are cambodine’s words about pastoralism. Cambodine isn’t Ethiopian, he’s Canadian, but he blogs mostly about Ethiopia.


Experts say a ‘total economic valuation’ is needed to fully appreciate pastoralists’ contribution to national economies

NAIROBI, 16 May 2013 (IRIN) – Pastoralism is often regarded as an antiquated practice ill-suited to the modern economy, yet trade between pastoral communities in Africa – much of it informal and illegal – generates an estimated US$1 billion each year, according to a new book published by the Futures Agriculture Consortium. “If we shift our gaze from the capital cities, where the development and policy elite congregate, to the regional centers and their hinterlands where pastoralists live, then a very different perspective emerges. Here we see the growth of a booming livestock export trade, the flourishing of the private sector, the expansion of towns with the inflow of investment, and the emergence of a class of entrepreneurs commanding a profitable market, and generating employment and other business opportunities; and all of…

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